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How to set up Attribute Transformation in SAP IBP


Update: Starting from Release 2002, attribute transformation is normally no longer required as you can use the IBP_PERIODSHIFT function! Great News!

The explanation on the internet about how to do create attribute transformations in SAP IBP are very brief - and mostly wrong.

That's why here is the cookbook of how it works:

  • You have a planning level LOCPROD which is defined monthly.
  • You have a key figure SALESQTY on this level.
  • You want an additional key figure SALESQTY1Y which is sales shifted by one year.

So this is what you have to do:

  • Define a new planning level LOCPROD1Y having the same attributes and keys as LOCPROD
  • Define a new key figure SALESQTY1Y with base planning level LOCPROD
  • Define key figure calculation SALESQTY1Y@REQUEST = SUM("SALESQTY1Y@LOCPROD1Y"), Input key figure SALESQTY1Y@LOCPROD1Y
  • Define key figure calculation SALESQTY1Y@LOCPROD = "SALESQTY@LOCPROD", Input key figure SALESQTY@LOCPROD
  • Create an attribute transformation key figure for PERIODID3 (monthly).
  • Define key figure calculation PERIODID3@LOCPROD = "PERIODID3" + 12, Input key figue SALESQTY1Y@LOCPROD

This is how it worked for me.